R doors are almost open.

It’s time to come home. It’s been too long since we gathered to share the familiar comforts of Cheney Stadium, and mercifully, the wait is almost over.

Tickets to R Opening Night, Thursday, April 9th, and the rest of our Rainiers Welcome Homestand, are now available for purchase online and at the Cheney Stadium Box Office Monday through Friday (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

There’s something ceremonial about the moment you walk up those steps on Opening Night. The first time you see that field of sprawling grass, hear the anticipation in the your neighbor’s chatter, and indulge in hot ballpark food and a cold drink is your rite of passage to the real new year.

This moment, unlike any other, says, “Welcome home.”

Home is the comfort of surrounding yourself with long-time friends and family. Home is a warm embrace after a cold, damp winter. Home is Tacoma and the South Sound.

19th and Tyler is 61 years of South Sound spirit carved into the shadow of one of Earth’s mightiest mountains. It’s Rhubarb the Reindeer, players chasing childhood dreams forged in sandlots, and your favorite usher welcoming you to your seat. It’s comforting food that requires multiple napkins, and that wild guy dancing on the dugout – that’s Cheney Stadium. It’s home.

Isn’t it time you came and paid a visit?

trWelcome home, Tacoma. This Is R City.


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